Katie Bundschu, Chief Marketing Officer

As a sixth generation vintner, Katie Bundschu always knew she would be involved in wine. It just took some time for her to determine when. As a youngster she was involved in various aspects of the business, including pruning and tying vines, harvesting grapes and working in both the tasting room and marketing department.

Katie attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, and decided after college to work in higher education. She spent years in fundraising and donor relations for the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Colorado, Boulder before being drawn back to Sonoma. In April of 2012, Katie returned on a full-time basis to her family business, first as the winery’s Marketing Manager where she coordinated all marketing efforts for the multiple channels at the winery, and more recently in the role of Vice President, Marketing & Sales for Bundschu Company.

“I am constantly inspired by the dedication and resolve of my family throughout the generations. I take pride in my family history and want to be sure to share it with anyone who can appreciate not only an amazing bottle of wine, but the story that accompanies it.”

Katie strives to continue the legacy and history of her family by creating distinctive, iconic wines that define the highest standards in Sonoma, all while having fun and enjoying the process along the way.