Wines to Gawk At

Had a coupla of very good wines the other day, with very cool labels. Both blew my group and me away, for different reasons.  And luckily,  one of the wines was even ours.  That was the Gundlach Bundschu 2001 Vintage Reserve.  I don’t like to spend too much time here waxing poetic about our own wines, but this was too good to ignore.  Beautiful black fruit, lean structure and intriguing complexity, and beautiful with some age.   Like Grace Jones.


Next was a 2006 Carnival of Love by Molly Dooker.  This wine was a gift from the Australian winery’s St. Helena office.  The label, like the GBVR, was very cool, and the McClaren Shiraz turned R. Parker’s head around, so I was anxious to try it.  Wasn’t surpised at all that the thing was so high in alcohol (both on the label and in the glass) that we kept it away from the candles just in case.  Huge juicy sweet fruit, massive tannins and all round humongoloidness.  A bit short in the way of balance or finesse, but great for mouth soaking wowness.   Not surprising that RP loved it so.  To keep with the wine/woman comparison thing going, this would be more of a Pamela Anderson kinda thing.