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Wine Gift Set Selections

Super Foodie

$141/ $125 Club


We’re not talking bone broth or green juice, we’re talking super-party-in-a-box. [ more ]

Featuring the best of Sonoma, this gift pack can be enjoyed all at once for an indulgent happy-hour or relished in parts. If you were hoping for a power boost, there’s always the antioxidants in wine. Contents: 2016 Rhinefarm Rose, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Blackberry Walnut jam, vella Dry Jack, Strawberry crisps, GBW tea towel, cocktail spoon, fork, spreader. [ close ]

Groundworks Series Collection

$510 / $460 Club


This vertical of our prized Bordeaux blend is the ultimate gift for a Gun Bun collector, but also works for any wine and art lover. Or even just liker. [ more ]

Description: Gun Bun’s Artist-in-Residence, Nate Reifke, created this, now complete, Vintage Reserve label series. Contents: 2011 Vintage Reserve, 2012 Vintage Reserve, 2013 Vintage Reserve, 2014 Vintage Reserve. [ close ]

Exclusive and Elusive Pinot



True Gun Bun fans will need no explanation to get how special this is. For all others, these four words should do it: small-lot, rare, sold-out, exceptional. [ more ]

Oh, and we don’t sell these separately. Contents: 2010 Heritage Pinot Noir, 2011 Heritage Pinot Noir, 2012 Heritage Pinot Noir. Club discounts are not available on Heritage wines.[ close ]

The Peacemaker

$75/ $66.50 Club


Guaranteed to bring happiness, this duo of our most popular wines will work equally well for the best of your friends or for someone you are just getting to know. [ more ]

Contents: 2016 Chardonnay, 2014 Cab Sauvignon and GB peace sign sticker. [ close ]

The Chocoholic

$70.50/ $62.50 Club


With both wine and dessert in one package, this may be the best host gift ever. [ more ]

What better time than the holidays to indulge in a gift that includes wine, sugar AND bacon? Contents: 2015 Zinfandel , cocoa nib shortbread, chocolate bacon bar, corkscrew. [ close ]


Rhinefarm Reds

$129.75 / $115.35 Club


Rhinefarm is the name our founder gave to our land when he purchased it in 1858. But this pack highlights more of our modern history [ more ]

with 3 estate driven wines that carry great stories about a certain 5th generation Bundschu. For another time… Contents: 2015 Cab Franc, 2015 Tempranillo, 2015 Zinfandel. [ close ]


Heritage Foodie

$111.50 / $99 Club


Featuring a limited 2012 Heritage Merlot, this gift pack is for the fanciest foodie in your life. [ more ]

They might use phrases like “molecular gastronomy” and “impossible to get a table” often. Even if they don’t, they can appreciate how this gift will turn any meal into an event. Contents: 2012 Heritage Merlot, Fennel Pollen Salami, Artichoke Almond Tapenade, Savory Granola, Tomato Crisp, GBW Stopper Pourer. [ close ]

Concert Companion

$67.50 / $59.95 Club


Gift all the Gun Bun concert essentials to your favorite festival-loving friend. [ more ]

Or, pack a speaker and a killer playlist and the Concert Companion becomes your side kick for an afternoon in the park or on the beach. In either scenario, the stunners are on you. Contents: 2016 Mountain Cuvée, 2 Stemless Glasses, Picnic Blanket, 2 GB Concert Tickets*. *May be redeemed for any available GB concerts excluding Huichica and Huichica East. [ close ]

Recovery Essentials

$72.50 / $64 Club


Don’t let sunlight cramp your style. This set is perfect for Christmas morning. Or New Years Day. Or Saturdays. Or Mondays. [ more ]

Actually, you might need more than one. Contents: growler thermos, eye pillow, party smart, pillow spray. [ close ]

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